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Reiki Course


Reiki Level1

Lean how to heal yourself and others with Gendai Reiki

4 hr



Reiki Level 2

Learn how to heal with Gendai Reiki for distance, past, future, trauma

4 hr



Reiki Level3

Learn how to use Reiki more efficiently 

4 hr



Reiki Level4

Achieve the Gendai Reiki Master Level. 

6 hr



This course teaches the basics of Gendai Reiki includes Attunement.
This course will allow you to be able to treat yourself, friends and family.

Also you will learn how to live healthily, both physically and mentaly.

After completion of this course, you may further your training with Level 2 Reiki.



You will receive the first three symbols to aid your development.

Achieve the next level of Gendai Reiki and gain the ability to send Reiki across any distance as well as into the past and future.


You receive the fourth and last symbol and learn to go beyond the need for symbols.

Philosophy for health and happiness, also methods for spiritual growth.


The Gokai, or 'five principles' of Reiki

Just for today, do not be angry,

do not worry, be thankful,

do what you are meant to do,

be kind to others


This is the most advanced level of Gendai Reiki. This allows you to teach Reiki to others and perform Attunement for them. 

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